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About Reval’s assisted bathing products

Working very closely with The Fed, a social care charity for the Jewish community, Reval interviewed Sheila Heywood Holt, Director of Operations at The Fed, to understand what it is about Reval’s assisted bathing products that fit with the charity’s care philosophy.

« When you compare like for like with other products you get more for your money with Reval. Reval products look nice, fit in, and importantly the overall appearance is softer – for instance if you go into a standard disability bathroom it’s usually blue and very hard in appearance, very clinical. But Reval products really soften everything; in fact their product design is the deciding factor in how our bathrooms are designed. We now adopt complementary interior treatments such as flooring, wall coverings etc. – preferring softer more homely colours such as pink tones.

A product to have faith in.

How our bathrooms look is very important, but reliability is a big question. We’ve had reliability issues with other manufacturers whose products simply couldn’t handle the rigors of continuous use. We’ve experienced so-called commercial grade products that were really little more than domestic grade, and when they did fail us we couldn’t acquire the parts for months – no care facility wants the added pressure of an out of order bathing facilities, its really not an option.

Thankfully this wouldn’t happen with Reval, but if something did go wrong or a key worker had a query about using a Reval product Reval couldn’t be more accommodating. From training staff, to the back up and support, the service is amazing. Reval know it takes more than an hour on a training course to become a confident user of apparatus, if staff are unsure or scared to use it they simply won’t use it. With Reval our staff know they can call them anytime to discuss – it’s simply a more personal approach.

Committed to ensuring that the people we look after enjoy as much choice and control as possible over how they live their lives.

Ease of use for key workers and residents is high on our list of requirements. We have independent users and key workers who found it very difficult to use the previously installed models from other manufacturers. No such problems with Reval; independent users now embrace bathing, and individuals who often refused a bath are now happy to bathe. That’s thanks to the ease of use and the spa facility that offers mood lighting, Air Spa experience, and music – it’s a much more relaxed and therapeutic experience.

We had a lady on respite, she didn’t want to be here at the beginning of her stay with us but she very quickly embraced her new surroundings, so much so that she had a bath every single day. – something she wouldn’t do at home. Her son said to me: ‘your care is wonderful but it’s the bath that’s made it for my mother.’ Her family were so overjoyed by this positive development they wanted a Reval bath installed at home.

The change was purely down to a preservation of dignity. The Reval Transcare really helped with this, the height and tilt function allows for the whole body to be submerged like you would at home without being visible to the key worker. This sensitivity towards the users is the main reason why many people now want a bath, they aren’t scared of it.

Nobody can look after mum like you can look after mum.

We offer something not offered elsewhere. From our dining experience to activities, the bathing is simply an extension of how we care, an extension of our exceptional facilities.

It’s so easy to tell people about the quality of the Reval baths, pleasing to the eye and easy to use, they look like and feel like a bath you would have at home, we really appreciate the warm and positive feeling they provide everyone who uses them. » Sheila Heywood Holt said.

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