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February 8, 2024 – La Rochelle, France

Subject: Retirement of Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY, CEO of the REVAL Group.

After 43 years of dedication and commitment within France Reval, the parent company of the eponymous group, Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY, CEO of the Reval Group, has decided to take a well-deserved retirement.

43 years of dedication...

Since its establishment in 1976, the Reval Group has thrived, especially in the last decade under the enlightened leadership of Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY. His unwavering commitment to work with excellence and innovation has positioned the group over the years as a major player in the field of rehabilitative Balneotherapy in the Health and High-level Sports sectors. Simultaneously, the group has maintained a strong foothold in its other historical sectors and continues to expand its activities around hygiene, patient transfer, and the well-being of dependent individuals.

A smooth transition

This decision is also part of a process to preserve the family ownership that has been the strength of the group for nearly half a century. It is in this spirit of continuity that Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY has decided to pass on his Group to his two sons, Alexandre & Mathis.

Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY will remain involved as a strategic advisor and honorary president, bringing his expertise and experience to ensure a smooth transition. He will also ensure the respect for the founding values of the Reval Group, guaranteeing a prosperous and sustainable future.

Heading towards the future !

With their experiences in various positions within the Group, the leaders are ready to face new challenges and guide the Group and its nearly 100 employees towards new major successes. The current management team remains unchanged, ensuring operational stability and the continuation of ongoing projects.

We express our deep gratitude to Mr. Bruno HARGUINDEGUY for his 43 years of service to the company, both for his unwavering dedication that has led to the success of the Reval Group and for the moral legacy and humanity he has consistently demonstrated over the years, leaving us all with a remarkable inheritance.

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