With a wide range of high quality equipment, our products can help you develop an optimal and efficient sluice room environment as a key component of your infection control strategy.

A robust infection control procedure is underpinned by capital equipment that you can trust to dispose of infectious material quickly, effectively and with minimum risk to your team.

We ensure you no matter where you are you can get the infection control solution you need. Our range of pulp/pan macerators have been designed to provide you with a fast and safe human waste disposal solution whilst delivering passive safety measures to minimise the risk of infection.

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Robust and reliable macerator

An innovative and ecological solution

Macerators can be placed in a sluice room or at point of care to dispose of human waste immediately. Macerators in hospitals have also been proven to be effective for nursing staff, patients, hospital overheads and the environment. Now that other pulp items, such as wash bowls and jugs, are also becoming popular, a macerator is a practical choice to upgrade from your washer.

If you already use a macerator then reliability is paramount because every time a macerator breaks down, the infection risk goes up. We offer and service our machines so continually learn and improve to minimise that risk. The longest working life gives you best value for money and on average, our macerators last a minimum of five years longer.