Assisted Showering

Assisted Showering

Showering is a refreshing alternative especially when full immersion is not an option. Offering many health and hygiene benefits, showering stimulates the skin, improves circulation and boosts the immune system. Warmth combined with a high moisture environment can assist with respiratory ailments. Quick to install and easily accessible, Reval showers save time and space, making the care routine a pleasure for patients and efficient for caregivers.

Bringing the bathroom to the bedroom : RUBIS™

The new Ruby mobile shower system has been designed to shower patients who cannot access the bathroom independently or with assistance.

Whether incapacitated due to a critical condition, long term illness, or obesity, the Ruby provides unique and uncompromising hygiene levels within the safety and comfort of the patients’ own bed.

A lightweight waterproof sheet is positioned underneath the patient, which then fastens to the bed’s side rails, head and foot boards. The waterproof sheet accommodates the patient, whilst ensuring full water containment from the shower hose and can be laundered at 70ºc for re-use.

The Reval “IRIS” is a completely new and unique concept, designed for use in all aspects of healthcare and well-being. IRIS is a fully profiling mobile shower and toileting system incorporating a variable height platform to prevent back aches and injury.

In addition, the back and leg rest support sections are angle adjustable to provide unrivalled support, comfort and posture management for even the most challenging of conditions. Iris will meet the most demanding of postural needs with ease and is best suited to accommodate mid to very high levels of dependency. For added safety and when being manoeuvred or adjusted the chassis extends automatically, to ensure stability and safe working at all times, reducing risk. Iris is the perfect all-encompassing solution for wet 3600.00 room toileting and bathing.