VIVO Powered Mobile Hoist

Vivo is a mid-range powered patient hoist, with a high lift capacity and two-point swivel attachment. The Reval Vivo makes easy work of the most challenging floor, chair and bed transfers. With it’s high lift range and 200kg lift capacity, daily patient transfers to and from beds with tall mattress surfaces are easy and possible. Thanks to the Vivo’s high lift capability it is the perfect general purpose mobile hoist to have in your facility.

Key features

• 2-point swivel attachment as standard
• Four function hand control
• Lightweight aluminium chassis
• Long reach removable mast
• Directional guiding wheels with integral brakes
• Emergency lowering safety device
• Emergency stop safety button
• Built in battery charger/li>
• Floor pick up possible
• Weigh scale option available
• Four point spreader bar with tilt and pivoting function also available
• Easy to clean and decontaminate with TECcare control disinfectant

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