Hydrotherapy Pool in Vinylester

Made to measure, the reeducation pool in vinylester is the effi cient solution for the equipment in hydrotherapy. The pool off ers the fl exibility to be able to be embeded in the ground, or quite simply raised. Its surface, totally smooth, avoids the bacterial accumulation: the vinylester resin resists the chlorinated hot water, and off er of the anti-skid properties which guarantee in the patient balance and stability.

The vinylester is a naturally hot material in the touch, it off ers a unique comfort and an ease of cleaning and maintenance which guarantee an irreproachable hygiene in the pool.


The reeducation pool in vinylester with chutes of overflow or else “ Skimmers ”, realised in vinylester resin armed with structure self-supporting can either be embedded in the ground, or quite simply raised, without particular work. (concrete slab perfectly horizontal by liquid sreed (realised during shell))

This technology in vinylester composite armed offers many advantages compared to a traditional solution of concrete basin with a “sealing” by tiling. (tightness, no fissurable, independent of the structure, total absence of concrete joints inside the basin, no risk of cut with a broken tile…) Two concepts of filtration of water are proposed : by hydraulicity reversed or by hydraulicity mixed. The «self-supporting» walls of the basin represents perfect heat insulator, which
maintains the temperature of water quasi-constant with 33°C, or more according to the opinion of the expert. It thus results from it, a considerable saving energy in heating for the establishment.

The hydrotherapy pool in vinylester is reliable: the integral structure of the basin is deposited « floating « on a special foam mattress with high 10 cm thickness density called « PAD « the purpose of which is essential to disunite completely the basin of the concrete flagstone.

Thanks to this precaution, a possible movement of flagstone related to the work of the ground would not be transmitted to the basin.
This original assembly, ensures the perenniality of your investment and makes it possible REVAL to grant a decennial guarantee to you on the whole of the composite structure. The panels of completion laid out on all the periphery of the basin are very easily dismountable, this with an aim of reaching the internal equipment and of being able to associate later on complementary nozzles, jet stream, lance of underwater massage or any other accessory. This specificity makes our basin an open and evolutionary concept.

Unique features

• With an absolutly smooth surface.
• Material is non-skid in water.
• Surface ‘‘hot‘‘ with the touch.
• Thermically and electrically insulationg.
• Of fast installation and evolutionary.
• Simplified cleaning and maintenance.

Documentation Hydrotherapy Pool in Vinylester