Hydrotherapy Pool in Stainless Steel

Made to measure, the stainless steel reeducation pool is the effi cient solution for the equipment in hydrotherapy. The pool offers the flexibility to be able to be embeded in the ground, or quite simply raised.

Its surface, totally smooth, avoids the bacterial accumulation: the AINSI 316L stainless steel material resists the chlorinated hot water, and off er of the anti-skid properties which guarantee in the patient balance and stability.

It offers a unique comfort and an ease of cleaning and maintenance which guarantee an irreproachable hygiene in the pool.

Unique Features

• Hygiene.
• Smooth surfaces.
• Material is non-skid in water.
• Thermically insulating.
• Of fast installation and evolutionary.
• Simplified cleaning and maintenance.
• Ecological (totally recyclable material).

Technical Datas

• Custom made.
• Made all of a piece or in assembled elements according to constraints of accessibility either in kit of standard modules for the most severe constraints of accessibility.
• 316L stainless steel sheet (marine quality).
• With multiple levels of depth.
• Possible integration of seat, sofa or staircase…
• Equipped with chutes of overflow or else skimmers.
• Independent of the building and no fissurable.

Documentation Hydrotherapy Pool in Stainless Steel