COCOON Keyhole : Therapy Bath

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The Cocoon “Keyhole” is a stylish variable height, high dependency bathing system for use with bath hoists and stretchers within the high dependency care environment. The Cocoon “Keyhole” concept has an internally spacious design. Ergonomically shaped, the keyhole shape allows a patient to immerse deeper into the bath providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience. The tub has tall side walls and a flat sloped floor. This is designed to accommodate the space taken up by the thickness of a stretcher. The design also provides more working space for care workers, which in turn makes bath tasks more user friendly and comfortable for care workers.

Key features

• Keyhole shaped tub
• Variable height tub with autofill function
• User friendly digital touchless controls
• Integrated thermostatic water controls (TMV3 and WRAS Cat 5 Certified)
• Luxury re-enforced fibreglass design with fully supportive contours
• Compatible with a range of mobile and ceiling hoists
• Increased posture management
• Available with four spa therapy options

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