Aqualev with electric elevation

Aqualev swimming pool lift is a portable device which enables disabled users to access swimming pools without any effort for the caregiver and safely for the swimmer. For paraplegic people, the Aqualev can be used in complete autonomy, without any aids for going into and out of the swimming pool. The Aqualev is a very efficient swimming-pool-hoist with unique specifications : Lightweight, Autonomous, Mobile , Very easy to put in place and to Use.


Unique features

• Autonomous. (battery operating)
• Large lifting range. (allows coupling with an immergeable armchair)
• Electric rotation on 360°.
• Movable hoist equipped with 2 wheels.
• Very light device. (- 25kg)
• Ultrasilent and secure motorization.
• A complete range of accessories.

Documentation Aqualev